temp’óra October music meetings Paris – Bordeaux

To summarize the most recent Temp’ora meetings in october :

The quintet A d I C t Atelier d’Improvisation concerté temp’ora

performed in Paris  dans la structure la Folie 6 derrière la grande halle  de la Villette on october 15th..

First part of the show played by Warning  a very talented group of improvisors and composers from the PAris Conservatoire. Second part was played by AdICt : Anne Debaecker  keyboard (elec) Patrick Defossez prepared piano Philippe Laval prepared guitar Etienne Rolin bansuri flute and basset horn piano. A very successful third live performance by the group who will certainly prepare a CD in 2017.

October 20/21 a  workshop on “comprovisation” was organized at rue KLEBER Bordeaux with 9 short projects with or without live electronics proposed by the reunited group :

Amaëlle Broussard saxophones sop/alto graphic score   sax/basset /voice   Damien Charron composer duo bansuri/guitar quartet + sax and violin Cyril Gourvat live lap-top composer trio for sax/basset horn/electro Philippe Laval guitar free improvisation for quintet                             Nicolas Marty composer 2 solo Haïkus violin,bansuri                                 trio Vln,sax, basset horn                                                                                 Etienne Rolin  Erolgraph quintet  Distorted Conversation vln/gtr/electro and soundpainter.

Sonat Cosunker violinist minimal duo  Violin/electro

Sonat is a turkish musician doctor in musical education staying in Bordeaux for the months of october -november to research soundpainting graphic notation, teaching and improvisation with live electronics.

This workshop allowed us to explore possible extensions of pieces though improvisation then recordings were made to implement the interactions of the acoustic musicians.