Amaëlle Broussard Saxophone player
Anne Debaecker Composer and pianist improviser
Armand Florea Cognitive Arts
Alexandra Fol Composer, organist, contralto
Annamaria Garibaldi Pianist
Aldridge Hansberry Composer and percussionist
Beatrice Barazzoni Composer
Bruno Laurent Double bass player
Carl Bergstrøm Nielsen Composer and improviser
Cédric Despalins Composer
Christophe Frionnet Composer
Conchita Sanz Secretary
Damien Charron Composer and conservatory director
Daniel Mayer Composer
Dirk Stromberg Composer and phallophone player
Didier Marc Garin Composer
Edmund Hunt Composer
Etienne Rolin Composer and soundpainter
Guido Arbonelli Clarinet player
Gośka Isphording Harpsichord player
Gunay Khalilova
Gosling Putto Composer
Giulia Zaniboli Soprano
Hans Van Eck Composer “Music is really the art of listening” Music is created in the ear and mind of the listener. The composer is merely one link in the chain, one aspect of the process of creation. The performer and the listener play equally important roles. I think this is even more the case when timbre is being employed as the most important carrier of meaning.
Ivane Bellocq Composer and flutist
Isaiah Koh
Igor Urruchi Bass clarinet player
Jérôme Favreau Pianist
Jennifer Hymer Pianist (toy piano)
Jutta Irion Painter designer
Janice Jackson Vocalist
Javier Maria Lopez Rodriguez Composer
Jean-Marc Chouvel Composer, clarinet player and musicologist
Kevork Andonian Composer
Luigi Abbate Composer
Laura Beardsmore Flutist
Lawrence Casserley Composer
Lin-Ni Liao Composer
Lucie Louvrier Vocalist
Linda Marcel Composer
Marion Fermé Recorder player
Nikolaus Gerszewski Composer
Nicolas Marty Composer / musicologist
Patrick Defossez Composer and pianist improviser
Philippe Laval Composer and guitarist
Robert Casteels Composer
Rufat Khalilov Composer and pianist
Rachel Devorah Trapp Composer
Sara Almazán Gil Mezzo soprano
Sabrina Dente Pianist
Shyen Lee
Sophie Schouten Clarinet player
Tomasz Prasqual Composer
Virginie Dubois Sound designer
Xelo Giner Saxophone player
Yoichi Nagashima Composer


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